We all agree that everything that happens in the world happens twice; first in the mind, and then in the physical world. Though we agree to this belief, we go a level deeper and refine it further. We believe that anything great that happens in the physical world happens twice; once on paper and then in action. At Kreative Wings, we approach every project strategically and on paper, because we believe that’s what makes our work refined. The process that we follow includes:


It is only after these rigorous yet essential processes do we consider a project completed. Each of the above process point includes multiple team members who add their distinct flavour to the entire design.

Recent Works

Send us your requirements and give us an opportunity to serve you

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Send us your requirements and give us an opportunity to serve you

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The team consists of:

Marketing leads – who define the needs and the solution
Visualizers – who create an imaginative picture of the output before it evolves on the paper
Copywriters – who add appropriate words with creative flair
Designers – who actualize the team’s concept on paper/digital media
Scriptwriting – who put words and scene together
Direction – who put their expertise into action so as to create maximum impact on the audience
Photographers – who click snapshots through audience’s eye

Each of these artists requires thorough knowledge of their field and complete understanding of the market and client needs. For us, detailing is an integral part of every creation of ours.

Our Creations encompass following areas:


Corporate Identity

Logo design
Business Card design
Letterheads and Envelopes
Bills, Invoices and other stationary design
Brochures & Leaflets
Copywriting & Tagline

Packaging Design

Signage Design
Uniform Design
Ad Design
Direct MailProduct
Banners & Marketing assets for Events
Web/Online Media

Web Design

E-Commerce Websites
Graphic Interface Design
Mobile Sites
Email Newsletters
Social Media Campaign


From abstract to geometric designs, and everything in between, our creative team has expertise in every art form. We understand the usability and relevance of each form and use it in appropriate context.


We believe that content has to build a positive curiosity. There are two approaches to building this curiosity and the usage largely depends on the receiver of the message. The first approach is building a story, a narrative which connects with the receiver of the message on an emotional and/or an intellectual plane. In this approach, the message that you intend to deliver, evolves. The second approach is to deliver the content in a crisp, short and snappy format. This requires expertise of a different level. KW specializes in both the styles and has the acumen to recommend which one suits a project.

Online Media

Your company’s website is as important as your physical office. In today’s world your customer would see your presence online and hold a long lasting impression of your company by the way your website is designed. A website that only looks good and is not easy-to-use is like buying a television without remote control. Be it creating a new website or uplifting your existing website, we rejuvenate your online presence. We gather information about your company in detail from you, define the business requirement and design the website such that it is easy to navigate, is attractive, provides just the right information and is easily accessible via search engines.

We provide appropriate social networking plug-ins and also design social media pages and strategies for the same. We build tailor-made Static, WordPress and BigCommerce websites.

We are your online media partner.

Send us your requirements and give us an opportunity to serve you

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